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Episode 18 Personal Learning Environment PLE

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Show notes: I talk about PLEs and informal learning; how they are set to become significant elements for individual development and that of society.


Open Education

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Show Notes: Open education and open educational resources (OER) are an area of great interest to me. I’m dedicated to finding useful material and examples and sharing them more widely to allow others to access learning on their own terms.

I talk about Academic Earth post on Never Mind the Pedagogy, and the significance of such resources.

Episode 16 Thank you & my other stuff

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Show notes: A big thank you to those who have commented directly to me, and offered encouragement. I’ll keep going.

My other blogs:

Spotty Blue Banana
Never Mind the Pedagogy
Squire Morley (WordPress)
Squire Morley (Blogger)

Episode 15 Radio & community

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Show notes: A quick episode talking about the sense of community people can get with radio, and the increase listening figures due in part, I believe, to the immediacy afforded to listeners by the use of technology to participate in that community.

Written by markuos

September 3, 2009 at 1:28 pm

Episode 14 Backchannel or Badchannel?

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Show notes: I talk about what the backchannel is and how it is increasingly used at conference presentations, and how it isn’t always useful, something I term the “badchannel”.

I’ve blogged about the usefulness and potential applications of backchannel and backchanneling in Never Mind the Pedagogy and Squire Morley (wp).

Episode 13 Copysafe music and photos

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Show notes: I talk about how to access photos and music that you can use safely without infringing copyright.

I’ve written about stock photos in my Squire Morley (wp) blog

For music you need to be looking at podsafe sites, a couple being:

  1. MusicAlley from the Mevio stable
  2. PodsafeAudio

I also came across this video from Penn State that shows the implications for students in their coursework using appropriate material.

Episode 12 The Human Filter

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Show Notes: In episode 9 I talked about information overload or inefficient filtering. Here I talk about the human filter and how individuals and networks can add value more widely by quickly accessing material and repackaging it to be easily accessible to others. I take myself as an example.